Monday, June 13, 2005

Road rage equality ??

There was a Chinese saying "When an emperor commits a crime, he should be punished just like the common people". I wonder if this is still applicable in today's society.

In an article in the Strait Times on June 11 titled "Road rage victim asks for leniency for assailant", the assailant (a former contractor) was jailed for 3 weeks even though he had apologised to the victim and paid him $300 in compensation. The victim had forgiven him and wrote to the courts to plea for the assailant.

While I don't condone the behaviour of such road rage, I recalled another road rage incident earlier this year in which the assailant was only fined but not jalied. Refer to the reports

"Premier Taxi chairman fined $1000 for road rage act"


"Premier Taxi chief escapes jail again in road rage case" during the prosecutors appeal.

While the mitigating factors in the 2 cases may be different, I can't helped but recall this quote from George Orwell's book "Animal Farm"

"All animals are equal, But some animals are more equal than others".

Are we heading the down the path of Animal Farm ?