Thursday, August 11, 2005

No Climbing . . . Huh ??

A brand new street soccer was constructed complete with flood lights a few months ago. Looks immaculate. I'm sure the kids in this estate are looking forward to a kick-about soon.

Except . . .

The court is padlocked. Nobody was ever seen playing on this brand new court while numerous groups of teenagers and kids were seen playing soccer on the basketball court next to it.

In fact, this sign was put up recently on the fencing . . .

Why did the relevant authorities put up such a sign ? If the court was not padlocked, nobody would need to scale the fence to use the court. Mind you, the fence is at least 10 feet high. Nobody in this right mind would want to scale the fence to use the facility if it is open for use.

This leads me to my next question. Why build a street soccer court in the middle of a HDB estate if it is not meant to be used by the public ? Why waste taxpayers money if the court is build just for show and to say that such facilities are available ?

In fact, the court was completed at least 4 months ago but had been padlocked since. Money and resources are spent to build such a facility but no benefit has been derived. No returns at all for the investment, just a white elephant.

Is this another one of those "for show only" projects ? Or are we waiting for some events to happen so that someone gets some mileage before it will be opened for public use ?